Sullivan Companies engages in land development from land acquisition and entitlement, to site planning, surveying and design. Located in western North Dakota, our neighborhoods are surrounded by scenic vistas and natural rolling plains landscapes. Each community includes covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) to ensure the quality of construction, design, materials and general quality of life expected in the subdivision.  

From modest or modern premier residential communities to master planned, diverse developments, Sullivan Companies/Construction offers a unique experience in every category and throughout each professional discipline. Our construction expertise in office properties, hospitality, retail centers, special needs housing facilities and communities, medical facilities and resorts means that you receive extensive insight and experience whether you require simple upgrades or complex new construction. 

Our experienced and professional teams actively supervise the construction of new and redeveloped properties for Sullivan Companies/Construction and third party clients. Sullivan Companies/Construction is capable of executing the entire development process from excavation, to water and sewer installation, and curb and gutter. Our creative financing options combined with site selection, construction, and marketing create vibrant communities in which to grow.  

 Our expertise in identifying high-quality, well-situated properties with strong market potential and/or a favorable capital structure is an integral part of our success. Contact Us for more information on our property development services, purchasing and subcontracting.

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